About Us

SMA Tunas Unggul was established as a response to the community’s desire for the need for continuous education from the existing levels, namely Daycare-TK, SD, and SMP which are considered to have succeeded in delivering students to achieve the expected achievements.


SMA Tunas Unggul understands that the challenges ahead are much more difficult. In addition to having to master various skills as a provision for independence, they must also be able to maintain character values and develop them. Therefore, SMA Tunas Unggul strives to make breakthroughs and innovations in learning methodologies that accommodate these needs.


Building spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually superior students who are able to adapt in a global environment.


  • Providing quality education to foster faith, devotion, and noble character
  • Developing self and social care
  • Increase knowledge, insight and critical thinking
  • Strengthen language literacy, numeracy, technology and communication skills
  • Fostering a spirit of lifelong learning as part of global life
  • Develop skills and creativity in solving problems and designing the future

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