The ruhiyah program is a special program that focuses on developing students’ abilities in religious aspects. This program is a form of school effort in achieving the school’s vision to form a religious generation. In this case, the ruhiyah program is focused on the formation and development of students’ character and good habits in worship.

The ruhiyah program consists of a daily program, weekly program, monthly program, semesterly program, and annual program.


The daily ruhiyah program includes opening prayer together, dhuha prayer, dhuhr and asr prayers in congregation, recitation together, dhuhr cultum, and closing together.

Weekly and monthly programs include Friday cultums, reading Surah al-Kahf together, and Friday blessings.

Semester and annual ruhiyah programs include ruhiyah challenge, mabit, Ramadan bazaar, and Ramadan Social Service.

To monitor student development, the school provides each student with a ruhiyah notebook containing memorized letters and prayers, asmaul husna, as well as each student’s personal ruhiyah record. As a target and graduation requirement from SMA Tunas Unggul, each student needs to memorize the prayers and letters that have been targeted together.

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