Student Association Tunas Unggul (SATU) is one of the official student organizations at Tungas Unggul High School. This organization is administered and managed by Tunas Unggul High School students who are elected as SATU administrators. SATU is a forum for students at school to achieve the goals of coaching and developing students in accordance with the vision of the school.

SATU administrators are students who are selected based on their activeness in the school environment. Those who become SATU administrators must have broad insight, be good at communicating, and be able to manage the program well. Members of SATU are all10th and11th grade students of SMA Tunas Unggul who are grouped into divisions according to their interests and talents.

Tunas Unggul Student Association has various work programs. Starting from spirituality programs, interests and talents, to open house. SATU has an annual open house event called Tunas Unggul Bright Experience (TUBE). Through this program, students are guided to create and manage an event that aims to introduce their school to others by also raising issues that are currently being discussed.

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