A brief History

SMA Tunas Unggul is a reflection and commitment of Tunas Unggul Foundation to participate in providing quality human resources through the organization of educational units in school pathways from pre-school education to secondary education. As time goes by until now, the existence of Tunas Unggul Foundation shows positive progress. This can be seen from the response indicators of the surrounding community.


Departing from this potential, Tunas Unggul Foundation conducted a number of researches and discussions, both internally with the teachers under Tunas Unggul Foundation and with external community leaders.


After a series of discussions, Tunas Unggul Foundation proposed an application for a principle license to establish a Senior High School (SMA) to the West Java Province Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service Office and the Java Province Education Office.

School Name

The school we proposed to establish is called Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) Tunas Unggul. Tunas can be defined as a forerunner or new generation. Unggul can be interpreted as higher (clever, good, capable, etc.) than others; or it can be interpreted as main/better. Based on this, the name SMA Tunas Unggul becomes a prayer with the hope that graduates will be born who are a new generation that is superior/better.

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