Annual Program

TUBE (Tunas Unggul Bright Experience)

In developing students’ skills both in terms of soft skills and interests and talents, the Student Council of SMA TU under the name SATU (Students Association of SMA Tunas Unggul) collaborates to create the TUBE (Tunas Unggul Bright Experience) program in which students show their work and hold various other activities.

Community Bonding

This program was created to build interpersonal relationships with the community, especially communities in relatively disadvantaged areas. Students are directed to open communication with the community through service activities in the form of social services, creative classes as well as maximizing the potential of their environment. This activity is carried out to train students’ independence and adapt to the environment.

Novice Apprentice

This program provides students with experience related to the realities of the professional world through internships and field work practice programs. Students will gain hands-on experience in the working world to build attitudes of empathy, appreciation, responsibility, respect, and self-management. Thus students are expected to be able to plan carefully for their future profession early on.

Research Tail

As an effort to realize one of the taglines of SMA Tunas Unggul, namely Future Problem Solver, students are trained to solve every problem and represent it in the form of written work. Starting with solving their personal problems contained in the Mini Article Project (MAP), problems in their small environment that will be discussed in the Mini Research Project (MRP) and the most challenging is solving problems in a larger environment through the Mini Journal Project (MJP). All the series of papers are expected to be one of the contributions to the solution of the wider community and students gradually become the best human beings who are beneficial to others.

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