SMA Tunas Unggul participating in a wide array of competitions hosted by governmental agencies as well as private sectors, spanning across the realms of IPTAK (Ilmu Pengetahuan, Teknologi, dan Karya), IPTEK (Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi), arts, and sports. These competitions serve as platforms for students to demonstrate their talents, skills, and innovative thinking.


Through rigorous preparation and unwavering determination, students from SMA Tunas Unggul have consistently excelled in these competitions, earning numerous accolades and recognition for their remarkable achievements. Whether it be in scientific research, technological innovation, artistic expression, or athletic prowess, the students of SMA Tunas Unggul continually uphold the school’s reputation for excellence, embodying the spirit of dedication and perseverance in pursuit of their goals.

School year previously

  1. 3rd place in the GBSI review writing competition Hima Sastrasia FPBS
  2. Juara 2 Business Value Creation Competition BINUS

School year 2022/2023

  1. 1st place in the GMM UPI Math Essay Competition 2022 National Level
  2. 3rd place in National Language Month Poetry Reading Competition 2023
  3. 1st place in RRI Bandung Indie Band Competition City Level 2023

School year 2023/2024

  1. School delegation in Madalajati sub-district Independence Day ceremony
  2. Open University Essay 2023
  3. Delegates at the AYCIC 3 Countries 2023 event
  4. National sunny cloud photo competition exhibitor 2023
  5. Pesertastudents athletics championship region Jabar
  6. 21K pocari marathon participants
  7. Peserta Infographic Competition Advocacy Day 2023
  8. Participant of eduversal mathematics competition at national level
  9. National biology olympiad participants Biofest UI 2023
  10. Participants of the 2023 national student science Olympiad
  11. UPI math rank 1 participant 2023
  12. TU high school delegation at TVRI jabar expression program
  13. Participants in the 2023 PORTUE athletics competition
  14. Storyteller of TU 2023 Elementary Language month
  15. Participants of RAGM Islamic competition at the city level 2023
  16. Participants of KOFI photography exhibition
  17. Participants of portrait photography competition around bandung 2023
  18. 3rd Place in UPI GMM Math Essay Competition National Level 2023
  19. Borobudur matathon competition participants
  20. OSBANAS Sociology 2024 Silver Medal at the national level
Achivemet - Juara 1 Lomba Band Indie RRI Bandung Tingkat Kota 2023

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