Teaching and Learning Activities

Teaching and learning activities are carried out in the morning starting at 07.00 – 15.30 for Monday – Thursday and 07.00 – 14.20 for Friday. The extracurricular activities are held on Friday after school and Saturday.

Curriculum Used

SMA Tunas Unggul uses the national curriculum as well as adapting the International curriculum that accommodates the potential and needs of students to gain broad and deep knowledge, develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically. The two curricula are combined and have been specially created as a unique curriculum program of SMA Tunas Unggul, namely the Youth Expert Program (YEP).

Youth Expert Program (YEP) makes Spriritual Reinforcement (SR) as the main pillar because we believe that manners are more important to learn than knowledge. Through good manners, we hope that students will be able to become the best human beings who are beneficial to many people.


SMA Tunas Unggul has the tagline “creative life designer, future problem solver.” In an effort to realize this tagline, students will carry out various excellent programs including making life plans within a certain period of time through filling out My Personal Timeline (MPT), debriefing for the regular learning process through the Tunas Unggul Great Opportunity (TuGo) session and implementing learning through the Block System. In addition, regular learning activities are supported by various activities that can develop interests and talents through hobby development, Acceleration and Enrichment programs and Tunas Unggul Bright Experience (TuBe) annual activities. Of course, to benefit more people, activities that train social skills are needed such as Community Bonding, Novice Apprentice and Research Trail which consists of the preparation of Mini Article Project (MAP) in class X, Mini Research Project in class XI and Mini Journal Project in class XII.

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